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Selecting the right Medicare healthcare plan may be the most important financial decision that you will make.


Every week, we receive calls from individuals who have become confused or frustrated in trying to understand and figure out the Medicare plan best for them.


Today, understanding the Medicare choices and options is similar to entering a maze with confusing directions or putting a puzzle together with no directions.

For the past 31 years as a trusted Medicare Insurance Advisor, Don Phillips has been providing his Medicare clients with attentive and hands on support. Knowledge and integrity has always been at his core. Don's daughter, Heather, and his son in law, Irsel, have partnered with Don to improve and expand customer service and support to our local Medicare community. Being a family business, it is important that we maintain a great relationship with our customers, to inform our clients of all Medicare changes, and to provide honest and correct answers to all questions.

Phillips Seniors Insurance has the knowledge about the various plans and options specific to our area. At Phillips Seniors Insurance, we specialize in knowing and understanding the hospitals, healthcare providers, and healthcare facilities located in Southeastern North Carolina and Northeastern South Carolina. Using our services will be an advantage to you throughout the year.

Thank you for selecting Phillips Seniors Insurance Advisors to walk you through the Medicare insurance maze with confidence. There are NO charges for our services to you, ever.

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